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MyBKExperience – How to Get Free Burger and Drinks in Burger King

MyBKExperience – How to Get Free Burger and Drinks in Burger King

Who does not want free food in Burger King? Of course, we all must expect that we can enjoy free burger everyday complete with the soft drinks. In a comfortable room of Burger King, we may imagine the best moments when we can enjoy our quality time with friends or family. Well, all is possible with MyBKExperience Survey. As we can see, it is such a survey where the company wants to evaluate their services given to all customers. As they want to improve their service, they ask all clients to fill out the survey. Of course, we will get coupons for free foods once we have joined the review. Interesting, isn’t it?

What are the Rewards of MyBKExperience Survey?

As customers, we must expect that we get something after wasting our time filling out the MyBKExperience Survey. Well, we no need to worry as we will get a coupon after finishing the survey. The coupon then we can bring when we want to dine at Burger King. All we need to do is to give the card to the cashier, and we can enjoy our free foods.

What are the Requirements to join MyBKExperience Survey in Burger King?

For our information, we do not need some requirements to get the free foods. All we need to have is the recent receipt that we get after buying a product in Burger King. It is because when we fill the survey at www.mybkexperience.com, we will need the code, time, and other details.

What are the Steps for MyBKExperience Survey?

  • Go to Burger King online portal at mybkexperience.com, and choose the language are about to use for the survey
  • Put the code of the Burger King location visited; we can find the code in our receipt
  • Click Next
  • Put the code of our MyBKExperience Survey that is on the receipt
  • click Start
  • then, we can answer all questions in the MyBKExperience Survey

How to Contact Burger King Customer Service?

Somehow, when we do the survey, we may get problems or other troubleshooting. In this case, it will be best if we try to contact the customer service of Burger King. We can call the representatives of Burger King by dialing 1-866-394-2493. Without a doubt, they will help us to fix the problem and guide us how to fill the survey. Besides, we can ask some information related to the review, such as the Burger King code, steps to do so, and so on. For the offline MyBKExperience Survey, we can go to the Burger King stores. Then, the employee will help us to open the portal of the survey so that we can fill it without a problem. For the next, we can put our address, city, or zip code, and other details based on the request.

Overall, if we are such a gadget lover, we may try to access Burger King on their social medias. We can search them on Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram. Overall, enjoy the survey and get the delicious foods to enjoy with our beloved people!!

How to Register and Activate MyKohlsCharge Credit Card

How to Register and Activate MyKohlsCharge Credit Card

Who does not have a credit card? This small card can help you in your transaction. Most of the modern people use a credit card to ease their life. It offers you a convenient way of transaction. There are many credit cards offered by the banks. But, nowadays some retail stores offer the credit card as well. It is the way to increase their sales. By providing credit, the stores encourage many people to shop. One of the popular retail credit cards is MyKohlscharge. The well-known retail store, Kohl’s, launches this card. In fact, Capital One issues this card to Kohl’s customers.


In some situation, you get tired carrying some cash whenever you go. At this time, you should try to apply for MyKohlsCharge. The shoppers will love using the Kohl’s credit card. It is so since you do not have to pay the transaction in front. Besides, Kohl’s card also gives you the interesting offers. For instance, you may get a special discount at Kohls. The process of applying for the MyKohlsCharge credit card is quick. Within 60 seconds, you can complete the application. If you can fulfill the requirement, you will get the approval. Besides, you can make this application online. So, you can save your energy. It is so since you do not need to queue at the store or bank.

What you need is loading https://apply.kohls.com/. Then, you should complete the series of steps applying for Kohl’s card. Besides, you can review www.africa-agri.com/mykohlscharge-activate-kohls-credit-card-online/. This page will guide you through the complete Kohl’s registration process. After you get Kohl’s credit card in your hand, you should register it at MyKohlsCharge site. The registration enables you to manage your credit card online. So, you will have access to your Kohl’s card anywhere and anytime. Besides, you can perform some online tasks. For instance, you can pay the online bills. Furthermore, you can ask for the credit line increase. Then, you can access the credit card paperless statement.

Now, have you had MyKohlsCharge card in your hand? Then, you should register and activate Kohls card soon. Here are the guidelines to activate Kohl’s credit card.

You can visit www.kohls.com or https://credit.kohls.com/eCustService/. Under the SignIn box, you will see the Register section. You have to prepare your card when you access the registration page.

  • Enter Kohls credit card number.

You need to write 12 digits of Kohl’s credit card number. You will find this numbers on the front side of your card. Then, you have to tap the Green Submit button.

  • Create Kohl’s username.

After entering the Kohl’s card number, the site will take you to a series of steps. First, you have to set up a username. But, you should remember that your email address cannot be your username. Kohl’s username should be four up to 20 characters in length. Your user ID has to contain one letter without any spaces.

  • Create Kohl’s password.

After that, you should go on setting up a secure password. It must be at least eight characters in length. The strong password must contain a lowercase, capital letter, numbers, and symbols. When you use the combination of lowercase and uppercase, you have to make be careful when you log in. Make sure that the Caps Lock in the keyboard is not on. So, you will not face any MyKohlsCharge login troubles.

Paperless Pay Talx Login Access Tutorials and Steps

Paperless Pay Talx Login Access Tutorials and Steps

Have a fast access to the employment data is a great thing to consider. While working, you can’t waste your time since it will influence your income. That is why the postal employee is the key for effective management. Paperless Pay Talx is one of the postal employees that have a lot feature to access. The user will get the benefits such as accessing the schedule or paystub. Somehow, the employment data is an individual need for certain reason. For example, the employee that paid for each hour working.

The schedule of work in postal employee will be necessary. The data will help the worker to make the prediction about the fee. It will also help to arrange the self-time management. So the company and employee will get the benefits as well. If you are a newcomer, then you should make activation over your account. You need the account access to see all the employment data. If you wonder how then you can find it out by reading this article.

The Paperless Pay Talx is a helpful tool for all the employees. It gives the complete information that important and crucial. The payroll, schedule, and work benefits can get access through this portal system. Every company in an excellent range will use the employee system to keep in touch with the workers. Using the portal system helps you to be efficient in time. You don’t have to find your file in HR department. Just use the account login details to make access to your employment archives.  Indeed, you can do it anytime you want. Since it is a system based on online, as you get the internet connection you can access it.

Before you access the Paperless Pay Talx portal, be sure you get some stuff. First, you must have the device to open the page. It can be the laptop, PC or smartphone. No matter your device is sure you have the browser application. The famous ones are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer and so on. After that is make a connection between your devices with internet signal. If you access it in the office, you will not feel hard to get internet access.


The offices today are completing themselves with WIFI for the workers. But if you try to access the portal outside the workplace, be sure you have your internet access. Or you can go to the public area which provides free WIFI to access. If you get them all, now it is the time to access your account in Paperless Pay Talx. Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Open your browser and type the portal web address. Be sure you get the correct address. Please make sure you type www.securitasepay.com. If there is no problem, you will see the page right now.
  2. After that, you will see the form to log in the account. It requires you to input the login details. They are your user ID and password.
  3. Check for several times that you make the correct data. If you are sure for it, then click “Enroll now” button. Then the system will process your request to log in.
  4. Perhaps the system will show you a reminding password announcement. If you agree, you don’t need to type the password again once you are login. The system in your device will remember it. But in the case it is your computer, it will be okay. If you use the computer that uses by some people, don’t remember your password. It makes the other computer user will able to access your account as well.
  5. In some cases, you may get the security question or image. You have to choose it for the secure login next time. It will prevent somebody else login into your account.
  6. It is a necessary act to provide the correct personal information. The system may require you give the phone number and email. If it is finished, click the complete button to end the login process.

If you pass the login process, you will see your account then. You can reset the account profile or access the employment data. All the information is available. You just need to click on the link or button you need.

88sears Associate Schedule: Smart Employees will Use the Opportunity Well

88sears Associate Schedule: Smart Employees will Use the Opportunity Well

In this modern day, we all must agree that using internet becomes such a crucial thing. In this case, we can find that all business is using this facility. Not to mention, the biggest associate of Sears apply it for their Human Resource. If we are a part of the associate, then we must be lucky as we do not need to visit the office every time we need updates. In this case, we can try to use 88sears login portal which will give us rich information. If we are such a newbie in that company, then we can access the 88sears associate schedule. Without a doubt, we will learn much how to be a professional worker.

For our information, this 88sears Associate schedule login can guide us to keep our career growing. As we can see, the web will show us how to make everything neat. Here, we can get some awesome features from this 88sears portal. We can check our payroll details, work hours, complete with other HR information. Of course, it will make our working time efficient as we can access it whenever we want. The most awesome thing that we can get is that we can access the site at home. So, we can manage our time better now.

88sears associate schedule

From the website, we will get some advantages that HR can manage the employees. For employees, we can keep controlling the payments tracks. Besides, we can access MPI system or My Personal Information. But still, we need to fulfill our personal data such as contact details, address, as well as phone number. If we have registered our self, then we will be able to enjoy the advantages. Not to mention, we can see our work schedule, upcoming events, as well as promotion. Yes, we can say that 88sears becomes the best portal for the Human Resources in Sears Holdings Corporation. Well, we must be curious on how 88sears works, don’t we?

As we can see, the site has an aim to help employees handling the job. In this case, it becomes the portal where the company can see the employees’ details one by one. Here is the information which we can access at www.88sears.com

  • duration of time we spend at work
  • the applicable payroll calendars
  • the benefits we are capable of
  • the work schedules
  • the training programs opened
  • advantages of being the SHC and SHO parts

In the 88sears associate login, we can do some things, such as:

  • Setting up the deposit for the sake of salary
  • Taking some training programs and download the ‘learning’ module
  • Filling the application forms needed as the SHC or SHO employee
  • Taking the verification for employment

As we can see, we can access our job description at 88sears associate schedule. But if we want more, then we can try to know about the site deeper. At the homepage, we will see a couple of link, such as:

  • Links for the SHC employees
  • Links for public or those who do not work at SHC network

If we wonder why such those links appear, then we can try to find it out. For our information, the company has two kinds of information that they want to share. If it is sensitive and belongs to the business secret, then it is for employees. But when it is about special events, special prices, discounts, and other promotion, wide public must know it. If we see, we will find a link which has an aim to help the stores owned by SHC. In this case, it can be Kmart at www.kmart.com, as well as Sears at www.88sears.com.

Overall, if we want to start accessing the information, we can try to register our self at the office. Then, we can visit the home page at www.88sears.com. If we process the login, then the page will bring us to the MPI or what so called My Personal Information.  To make it readable, we can try to download the handbook and learn it deeper. So, this is our first time working at the Sears. Of course, we have to do our best in showing that we deserve the higher level of the position. Best luck!

The Total Transport Power Of A MetroCard

The Total Transport Power Of A MetroCard

Science is always coming up with easy solutions to significant issues, but one thing we have never quite managed to get our head around is the best way to convert degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius readily. But a talented technology engineer has pointed out that there is a simple magic trick to allow you to change between the measurements fluently, by only taking a look at the New York City subway map. London bills itself as a global city, the world’s largest financial center and a creative heart to match New York. The London Underground is beginning its first-ever overnight service, a move city leaders hope will make the British capital a genuinely 24-hour town and strengthen the local market. The new service is only going to run on weekends and initially be accessible on only the well-traveled Central and Victoria lines. But the initiative represents London’s growing population and public attitude, indicating a coming of age for a city that many in the Big Apple regard as quaint and tired. It is a mental measure because metros and subways and the Subterranean are regularly such totemic parts of cities, Tony Travers, a specialist on urban problems at the London School of Economics, said. They’re like the circulation system of a city. Economists like to point out that London is already a 24-hour city, with West End theaters, Michelin-starred restaurants, and popular clubs bringing customers from around the world well into the early hours. Thousands of physicians, cleaners and maintenance workers also work graveyard shifts.

But the increased Tube service comes at a perfect time for London, which has been dying to assure the world the city is open for business and prepared to welcome tourists despite Britain’s recent vote to leave the European Union. At a time of economic uncertainty especially following the Brexit vote, this is a welcome boost to London’s market, London First said in a statement. If you are paying for an unlimited MetroCard but just using the subway trains to get around, you are ripping yourself off. Do not you understand that accessibility to hundreds of city bus routes is comprised of the cost and that some of them may even take you where you need to go? The map’s aim would be to reveal the total transport power of a MetroCard, empower areas function by the metro system, and demystify bus routes to those who seldom even consider them as a means of transportation. He remembers staring at the subway map while waiting late at night for a bus transport en route to Jamaica, Queens. It got him wondering why the train map is so omnipresent, while bus maps are seldom seen outside of buses themselves. When you are standing around awaiting a bus, there are not maps. Then the idea hit me: If I can transfer to the bus at no cost, why is not there a map that shows where to connect with coaches? Why does the system map just reveal metros?

Lost? So were we. But if you take a look at the convenient graph that Sidewalk Labs chief technology officer, Gabor Cselle, posted on Twitter, you will get a better notion of what he is referring to. Checking out subway stations is more wieldy. Although, a complete disclaimer for anyone attempting this at home: you do should bypass the 28th Street stop for it to work. Needless to say, you may also just convert the degrees on Google in about 2 seconds, but doing it yourself is simply so much more pleasing, correct? London Underground managers now believe they can finish all required maintenance work on weeknights, letting them offer overnight service on weekends. Until now, the leading late night choice for most Londoners was the city’s famed double-decker buses. London’s iconic black taxis and, more lately, ridesharing services like Uber, additionally have enabled individuals to get around after dark. But the Tube, with its great dependability and uniformity, offers a security blanket for commuters and tourists. The stops never change, whether you’re viewing for them or not. The unionized workers that keep the Tube running were less excited about going to the world of 24/7. Problems were raised about care, security and quality of life that required three years to sort out. “It’s the cleansing agents, station staff, drivers, engineers and all the other levels working antisocial hours that will be transforming London into a 24-hour city.

Mysubwaycard and Green Fare From Metrolinx Are Growing And Will Be Accessible

Mysubwaycard and Green Fare From Metrolinx Are Growing And Will Be Accessible

With some of the TTC now taking PRESTO and other parts of it not yet, it is in a little bit of an awkward stage in Toronto at the minute, but the green fare payment cards from Metrolinx are growing you and will be accessible to be used on the whole TTC network by early-2017. Contactless payments allow you to purchase goods of up to 30 simply by waving your card, wristband, cellphone or any other contactless apparatus by the reader in the store. But also they come with some fairly serious security threats meaning many individuals are deciding to leave theirs at home or not update. Others only have cards that are not empowered yet with many of these not establish to be replaced for some years meaning they could not pay with contactless if they needed to. None of this would be an issue, except now some folks are billing customers MORE to use a chip and PIN terminal although the card firms charge the same sum. On the TTC, PRESTO was executed in waves, the first of which has seen the setup of PRESTO apparatus on new streetcars, and 26 subway stations. Tide two, to fully satisfy all of the TTC’s company conditions and contain equipment settings for all vehicles, buses, Wheeltrans, and staying subway stations, was initially slated to be finished at the end of this year, but some subway stations will probably still be getting their new fare gates installed into 2017.

With an entire roll out a just a month or two away, a new more robust and cellular-friendly PRESTO site was established over the Thanksgiving weekend. Despite the upgrade, Metrolinx still quotes a 24 hour card load time for any online transaction, an often mentioned shortfall of the system. In a benchmarking table printed by Metrolinx as part of a 2012 Auditor General report, nevertheless, TTC’s PRESTO system is intended to permit at some point for “instantaneous load on-line loading recognized by card instantly. When asked for an opinion, Metrolinx clarified the apparatus installed on the TTC and OC Transpo are connected to the central system through a mobile version and upgrade many times a day. It was additionally noted that customers shouldn’t need to wait more than several hours to exploit their cards on a TTC or OC Transpo apparatus after loading online. By way of example, a card holder could select to have the procedure draw another $100 into their PRESTO account whenever their balance fell below $20. In Bill’s case, we understand that his card issuer, Visa, charges just the same sum in fees for contactless and Chip and PIN transactions- but there is no reason the retailer can not levy its fees. On this occasion, the franchisee for the Brislington shop has chosen to enact a debit card fee and has put a sign at the till point making customers aware of this.

The authorities only prohibit excessive mysubwaycard surcharges, and there are quite a few high motives stores could demand little ones. As these are placed between the store and its bank, they could readily change for different kinds of trades. There could also be a normal fee the store picks to waive for contactless card trades, but not Chip and PIN, as they’re faster and let the store serve more customers. The open architecture supports multiple sellers and emerging technologies like contactless payment on cards and mobile phones. There’s also a remote listing of the TTC as a retailer in Apple Pay’s coming section soon. New PRESTO attributes are contained in a fifth ‘value added’ tide. These are usually waived for customers by large stores and fees simply levied in smaller shops for trades below a particular amount. If you are looking to avoid being billed for not having a card, contact your bank or building society, and they should have the ability to issue you a contactless empowered debit card.

Free MetroCard Swipes To That Unable Manage The $2.75 Fare

Free MetroCard Swipes To That Unable Manage The $2.75 Fare

Activists gathered at subway stations through the city now to offer free MetroCard swipes to that unable manage the $2.75 fare, part of a campaign to protest Broken Windows policing strategies that disproportionately impact low-income individuals and people of color. Known as the effort was coordinated by some groups, including Coalition to Stop Broken Windows, Bronxites for NYPD Liability, BLM NYC, and Police Reform Organizing Project. Based on Albert Saint-Jean, an associate of the Black Alliance for Only Immigration and one of the Brooklyn coordinators, mainly targeted subway stations in predominantly low-income neighborhoods with significant populations of people of color. One of this morning’s demonstrations happened at the Nostrand Avenue A/C stop, while an evening activity is planned for Broadway Junction. Protestors situated themselves inside and outside stations, handing out fliers and chanting slogans like Poverty isn’t a crime. Several stood to the side near the turnstiles with their hands lifted to signal their readiness and ability to swipe someone in.

If I can not manage a $2.75 fare, then I can not administer the ticket that comes with me defeating the food, said protestor Elsa Waithe. Besides the chance of arrest, fare evaders face a $100 fine, a fee that’s 37 times the food being lost. A study done earlier this year found that almost a quarter of low-income, working New Yorkers were unable to manage a bus or metro fare at least one time during 2015.
Another commuter, Trina McDonald, approached coordinators and thanked them for their work. I get off at 23rd Street in Manhattan and folks jump the turnstiles there all the time, she said. There aren’t any undercover policemen or police officers in uniforms, and they often jump the turnstile. But here it is as the people of color are targeted. Allowing a representative from the NYPD, the only solicitation of a swipe, not accompanied by illegal actions like obstructing the turnstiles, isn’t a misdemeanor and thus not applied. Last week, I shared with you the experiences of my attempts to buy a new Presto card, in hopes of taking public transit in Ontario’s capital city faster. Spoiler alert: it was anything but simple. In the interests of equal time, we copy his result below This year is a huge, momentous one for transit passengers in Toronto. Picture not only your house but your whole area, going from candlelight to electricity. For a system as large as ours, this is a huge change.

This work and transition require much preparation. The TTC, as many are quick to point out, is much from the first to install a brand new fare payment and collection system. As such, we’ve got the advantage of other big transit systems who’ve done this work and had the experience and expertise around where not to drop. Our strategy was to first entire subway stations that are serviced by streetcars. That’s done. Eglinton will see readers and new fare gates after this summer. The execution must be tactical, and it’s. If you ride only streetcars and use the metro to join with those streetcars, Presto is appropriate for you now. If you don’t, Presto can wait until more stations and more buses take Presto. Will there be hiccups along the way? Yes, there will. No doubt. Well, keep on top of it, mitigating as much as we can the annoyance modernization inevitably causes. After all, we wish to be adored or at least, understood.

The efforts messaging highlighted the legality of swiping individuals in, and their stuff and chants focused on the high quantity of summonses issued for fare evasion, and what organizers said is the precise targeting of communities of color. Fare evasion was the number one arrest group last year, said protestor Jared Chausow, mentioning widely distributed 2015 figures from the state Division of Criminal Justice Services that were initially got by Police Reform Organizing Project. It is flagrantly a criminalization of poverty. 92 percent of individuals arrested for this violation are people of color. Run of the mill fare evasion, like bound the turnstiles or using a set card, is technically applied as a civil, not criminal violation, with fare-beaters being issued a summons. On the other hand, the authorities keep broad latitude to detain or arrest fare-beaters. Under the MTA Rules of Conduct, it’s prohibited to request a swipe or to request payment in return for giving someone a swipe. Nevertheless, it’s legal to give someone a swipe if they do not ask you, and for them to accept the swipe. And though an unlimited MetroCard will prevent the swiping in of two riders in series, the Endless MetroCard States of Use allow it to be clear which you can swipe a fellow rider into a station after you have stopped your excursion and are leaving the station. The effort coordinators pointed to the high fines levied for the relatively modest cost of a fare, noting the resources spent on policing fare-beating could be spent on free or reduced-cost MetroCards like those accessible to students and senior citizens. Transportation System activists and politicians have been driving Mayor Bill de Blasio to sign a bill that would permit the city to finance half price MetroCards for the working poor.